Golf’s Best Aim-to-Make Putter

  • Luminous Centerline To Facilitate Aiming

  • Certain Aiming – Perfect Alignment of Ball’s Centerline With the Putter’s Sweet Spot

  • Overcomes Parallax Effect

  • On-Ball Targeting – Helps Golfer ‘Keep Their Eye on the Ball’


Precision Milled, Hand Crafted In America

The First of its Kind, USGA CONFORMING Putter.

Merging long standing putter designs with modern state-of-the-art luminous technology will help you aim better, keep your eye on the ball and make you a better putter.

Our custom fitted and performance weighted putters, with spot on certain sighting are a step in the right direction to ease anxiety in your game.

Be confident in your aiming as you utilize our brilliant putter center line.


Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Aligning Your Golf Ball Centerline + Putter’s Sweet Spot

The putter’s luminous centerline projects a sharp contrasting halo forward on the golf ball, which stimulates the senses and facilitates putter aiming.

The projected halo is perfectly tangent to the putter’s sweet spot. The luminous centerline assures the foolproof alignment of the putter’s sweet spot and golf ball.

Golf is a game that is 50% fun and 50% stressful putting, AcuAim can increase the fun and reduce the stress.


Golf’s Newest Technology


A Breakthrough in Putter Design

Overcome Parallax Effect

The Parallax Effect occurs when a golfers does not look directly down at the putter and the ball. Since the top surfaces of the ball and the putter are at different distances from the golfer’s eye, a very slight misalignment error occurs between the perceived centerline of the ball and the sweet spot of the putter

The sweet spot offset is about 0.020 inches per degree away from looking directly down at the putter and ball.


Choosing the Best Balanced Putter to Complement Your Game

Before deciding on a Face Balanced or Toe Balanced putter, grab any putter and take a couple of practice strokes.  What stroke is most comfortable?   Do you take the putter straight back and straight through? or, do you take the putter back on an arch like other clubs in your golf bag?


Face Balance

If your most comfortable putter stroke is straight back and straight through, you should probable chose a Face Balanced Putter. Face Balanced Putters are less likely to rotate through your putting stroke.

To help you identify a Face Balanced Putter, you need to balance your putter on your index finger, then the centerline of the putter will point directly upward.

Toe Balance

However, if you are more comfortable taking a putter stroke that is similar to your swing of other golf clubs, a Toe Balanced Putter will probably be your best choice.

A Toe Balance Putter will open naturally during the back stroke and close during the follow-through. Balancing the putter on your index finger, the putter’s face will rotate slightly downward.


Set Yourself Up To Make More Putts